Octopus Cant Thank You Enough Beehive Butterflies Red Tree
Frog on Lily Pad Espalier Tree Skinny Tree. Turtle
Christmas Penguin. Sea Lion With Crown and Scepter. Snail Sea Lion
Buzz Line Alligator Topiary with Butterflies Penguin
Four Season Trees Turtle with Butterfly Wheels Crab
Lobster Seahorse Topiary - Watercolor

Crab with Sailboat

Crab with Sailboat


Engraved & Embossed Flat Cards

Peyton & Clark illustrations are hand-drawn by Bebbins Yudes with pen and ink and then given to a master craftsman for hand etching on a copper plate. Sections of the images are also embossed. This multi-step process results in a truly special work of art.

8 Engraved & Embossed Cards with 8 Envelopes
Packaged in a Peyton & Clark box
Cards measure 4.25" x 6.25"
100% cotton